Want to Join Cardigan?

Oh yeah!

Why the #cardigang?

Growth opportunities

There is nothing better than doing what you love surrounded by a passionate team. Have a voice in a team ready to listen that recognizes passion.


Snacks, fresh fruits every week to stay healthy, and health insurance in case anything happens. Flexible hours and the occasional beer.

The vibe

A relaxed work environment, with a team open to collaboration and a healthy appetite for innovation. We love our clients and our clients love us back.

No hierarchy

Our structure is flat, no managers, only leaders at different levels with one common purpose.

Unlimited spas access

Hot bath, cold bath, hammock, wet or dry sauna, it can be every day on the Cardigan’s arm.

Hyper-lax flexibility.

Our schedule is anything but rigid, you follow your best hours as long as the value is there.

Insurance paid at 80% by Cardigan.

Our group insurance has an employer contribution of 80% including dental insurance & mental health support (Psychologist, Psychotherapist, Social Worker).

Mobile plan.

The mobile plan is paid by Cardigan.

Well-being fund.

A well-being fund of $500 per year to invest in anything that makes you feel good.

Profit sharing.

In recent years, 30% of the company’s profits have been redistributed into the pockets of employees.

Available position

We love spontaneous applications


Join the #cardigang!